At NannaJuanas® we have created a full line of Organic Hemp Infused Lip and Skin Care products that are all the rage.
These products are fantastic for your body and at the same time are good for the environment. Organic for the planet.
Today there are so many beauty products  with unnatural or chemical ingredients. Why put all those nasty ingredients on yourself? There is no need to anymore.

We created our product line to be Hemp based, Vegan friendly, Non-GMO, No Gluten, PETA Certified and Fragrance Free.
Great idea right? Now for the hard part. People still believe that Hemp is illegal. Hemp is not illegal while it’s relative Marijuana is  illegal. Hemp is like the law abiding cousin, who visits his relatives in jail.
All our products are made with Grade-A Hemp and are perfectly safe and legal. For thousands of years Hemp has been revered for its properties. Today Hemp products are sold all across the U.S. and around the world. Hemp has come full circle in society.
So join us and the legions of people who have found the secret of NannaJuanas® Superior Hemp Infused Lip and Skin Care products, to rejuvenate and replenish your body.   
When you look good, you feel good from the inside out, so grab that feeling today.
When you want it blessed by Mother Earth use. . . NannaJuanas®.

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Debra Scotti
North Hollywood,Ca.

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NannaJuanas® is PETA Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan.

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Gisella Levi                      

                             Can You Pass The SEXIEST LIPS & SKIN Test?
               All organic is the way to go in the world of nasty personal care

North Hollywood, CA:  "Organic" is a word that has been getting lots of attention these days, especially at the grocery store. As more and more people gravitate toward eating only organic foods, that same mentality of only consuming natural ingredients is being applied in other industries like household & building supplies and cosmetics.

The human body's ability to absorb both helpful and harmful elements, especially through the skin, is as dangerous as eating the wrong foods.
As the public becomes more conscious of this, only a handful of cosmetic companies have truly addressed the problem until now.

One of the leading companies in true organic personal care is
NannaJuanas® Hemp Infused Lip and Skin Care, who pride themselves on using superior blend of Hemp in all of its lip and skin care products. Hemp's recorded historical use is over 10,000 years old. It has been used throughout the centuries for food, cosmetics, fuel, pottery, medicines, etc. It was considered a saving grace back in the old days.

Its rejuvenating properties are amazing when used in combination with other organic ingredients and brings lip and skin care to a whole different level.
NannaJuanas® " less is more" approach uses only the fewest natural ingredients to do the most work in helping beautify your lips and skin. When you Hemp, Hydrate and Heal, it leaves your lips and skin smooth, soft and supple to the touch and feel.

Started in 2016 by co-founders Raymond St.Claire and Debra Scotti, NannaJuanas® introduced its Superior Hemp Infused Conditioning Lip Balm which was an immediate success among the organic minded celebrities and millennials. NannaJuanas® is one of Hollywood's best kept personal care secrets.

With the latest launch of nine new products that range from skin, lips and hair,
this unique product line has something for everyone including men who can experience the noticeable supple feel of their moustache, beard and hair, after using the product line.

St.Claire, who is also known as Comedian, Musician and Cannabis Emissary Buddy Plant, a well known Medical Hemp activist who champions medical Hemp alternatives, teamed with partner Debra Scotti, who has over 40 years in the fashion and cosmetic industries. Scotti is highly respected, working with some of the top luxury brands, to bring the world the superior benefits of Hemp lip and skin care.

" Having first hand knowledge of the amazing benefits of hemp and applying that to an all organic cosmetic product line, was the way to true naturally clean beauty " said St.Claire. " When you look good…you feel good… so now you grab that feeling everyday "

Scotti also added, " This affordable unique product line is inspired by historical events and the people who influenced the world throughout the ages. A time when there were no chemicals or unnatural additives in the products most people use daily. Old recipes that bring fantastic new results "

NannaJuanas® has also bridged the gap with the launch of its new product line that addresses the concerns of what exactly is in your cosmetic products.

Scotti recites the company's mantra  " The next time you pick up one of those other body skin products, read exactly what is in it. Then ask … why would you put all that nasty on yourself? "

As natures bountiful gift of hemp is being re-recognized around the planet
and being embraced by many as a safer alternative to lip and skin care, the many benefits increase daily as the latest discoveries and technologies continue to amaze all. NannaJuanas® products are in a league of their own.

As we all become more aware of what we are putting on or inside our body,
it makes sense to go organic. So, like this company's tagline says
" When you want it blessed by Mother Earth use… NannaJuanas® "





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