Download Product Guide & Directions
Use daily am/pm alternate cleansing routine with NannaJuanas® Purifying Clear Bar Soap.
•Product ships with Organic Derma Cleansing Cloth.
1. Use provided face cloth and wet with fairly hot water.
[not too hot to burn your skin] Wring cloth out and place
it over face or body area for 30 to 40 sec.
Then remove it. This will open your dirty pores.
2. Apply a generous amount of Roma Derma Cleansing
Oil to your hands, rub together then apply to face or
body area in a circular pattern, avoiding eye area.
Rub in to penetrate deeply.
3. Refresh the face cloth with warm water and use to
remove any excess dirt grime and oils from your face.
[TIP:Should you feel the need for more moisture follow
with 1 pump of the NannaJuanas® Derma Vitalizing Oil.]
4. SMILE because you look and feel great.