At NannaJuanas® we have created a full line of Organic Hemp Infused Lip and Skin Care products that are all the rage.
These products are fantastic for your body and at the same time are good for the environment. Organic for the planet.

Today there are so many beauty products  with unnatural or chemical ingredients.
Why put all those nasty ingredients on yourself? There is no need to anymore.
We created our product line to be Hemp based, Vegan friendly, Non-GMO, No Gluten, PETA Certified and Fragrance Free.
Great idea right? Now for the hard part. People still believe that Hemp is illegal. Hemp is not illegal while it’s relative Marijuana is  illegal.
Hemp is like the law abiding cousin, who visits his relatives in jail.
All our products are made with Grade-A Hemp and are perfectly safe and legal.
For thousands of years Hemp has been revered for its properties.
Today Hemp products are sold all across the U.S. and around the world. Hemp has come full circle in society.
So join us and the legions of people who have found the secret of NannaJuanas® Superior
Hemp Infused Lip and Skin Care products, to rejuvenate and replenish your body.   
When you look good, you feel good from the inside out, so grab that feeling today.
When you want it blessed by Mother Earth use. . . NannaJuanas®.